Multi state physical, occupational and speech therapy provider

We previously worked with a global broker who brought a policy but no service with it.  Pittman Insurance Group, LLC has brought a local feel with the services we desired.  We feel we really have a strategic partner now who has taken a real interest in our business, listened to our needs and brought solutions to the table.  From quarterly reviews, training and means to be compliant with OSHA reporting.  A true partner.


Client out of Halifax, NC

I just wanted to let you all know what kind of insurance agent we have now.

I elected at the last minute to send the Insurance auditor to their office for the audit instead of ours because he knows what he’s doing with it. If they had come to our place and everything stayed the same we would have owed $6,000 additional premium.  He got her to change some classifications to the way that he knows they can be classified and we’re getting back around $2,000! Also he has talked the auditor into re-opening last year’s audit. We paid $5,100 last year and he thinks he will be able to get at least most of that back! That will end up netting us about $13,000! Just about enough to get that new van🤣


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